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My passion lies within that of written work and drawn on a piece of paper. Take a look around and wander a bit stranger for their is nothing to fear in this gallery. ~Villago



Art is another form of passion. Let it run wild and bloom with creativity and imagination! ~Villago


Alter-Talia Doodle Page-Alter!JaredxAlter!Zarah by WhiteMageHealer
Alter-Talia Doodle Page-Alter!JaredxAlter!Zarah
So, yeah this didn't come out the way I wanted it to but, overall I do still like the idea of this being how these two act around each other since the original Zarah is more flirty and confused when it comes to love while her Alter is more shy and submissive with her partner despite being married to them. Since :icongreenmage96: original Jared often trying to flirt with the Original Zarah but, consistently turned down because Zarah more of the "You want me? You better catch me" type as to where in my mind I picture that the Alter!Jared is more or, less flirty in some regards but, instead of being turned down his partner gets more shy with him which makes it funnier for him as opposed to the other way around. To me because Original Zarah is more stern and somewhat reclusive to show her affection I think that Alter!Zarah is more passionate but, extermenly timid to show that side of her because she fears it may show her as a weak person which i doubt the other Alter!Jared sees her as. Anyway I had no idea how Alter!Jared would look but, I kind of think he wear a dark WWII military outfit so, I based his off of a German military outfit in this picture. Its the first one on the left side. Anyway this was a cute doodel I had in my heads~! Hope you all like!  Ps. what Alter!Jared said to Alter!Zarah was "My cute dark flower wife."XD…

Alter!Jared and idea(c) :icongreenmage96:
Alter!Zarah(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
CreepyPasta girls-Amala, Giu and Melea~. by WhiteMageHealer
CreepyPasta girls-Amala, Giu and Melea~.
So, I decided to use :iconrinamaru: and her awesome game website to make these for my CP girls snice I haven't done some of them in awhile. Anyway their not perfect but, I am pretty sure you can tell which one is whice and all so, I hope you guys like them~!

Amala, Giu and Melea(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
Made at RinamaruGames
Page One-A Rebel Princess's Anger~... by WhiteMageHealer
Page One-A Rebel Princess's Anger~...
So, I made hints to my friend that Mari did have a crush on Greg or, maybe still dose but, that was a long time ago. I was thinking about why she never asked him out and this reason came to my head is that when Greg was new to the group Mari was going through a "Rebel Princess" phase when she was younger. She saw him and watched from afar but, never spoke to him cause she was nervous about meeting him so, she consulted in one of the 2ps who noticed her acting strange when around him. That just happen to be the 2pUkrain who's human name is Katya Braginskya the older sister to the 2pRussia and 2pBelarus and was the one Mari went to discuss her feelings about Greg to. One day Mari decided she was going to tell Greg how she felt despite the fact they had never once spoken to each other and wrote him a love letter about how she felt but, the day she went to give him the letter she found out that Katya double crossed her purposely to watch the younger girl get hurt. It worked and Mari was shattered and became very bitter towards her for what she did and this is what she did to Katya before she went back to being a princess and left the love letter she wrote to Greg hidden among the various paperwork inside her basement hoping to NEVER come across it again.

Base(c) :iconpixelena:
Mari(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
Katya(c) :IconHidekazHimaruyaplz:
Background done on Painter 2015.
GregxMari-Intimacy A Princess And A Bad Boy~. by WhiteMageHealer
GregxMari-Intimacy A Princess And A Bad Boy~.
Yeah, I don't think I need to exsplain what's so ever what's going on here since I am pretty sure you all know what's going on.XD Anyway, I have had GregxMari on the brain lately and decided to do a little gift for them~! After all its not everyday I pair Greg and Mari together since I was very keen on GregxAriXD Basically though you can make up whatever coming into your dirty little minds but, I will stick to mine ROFL.XD I hope you all like it! Enjoy~!

Base(c) :iconshadow-bases:
Greg(c) :icongreenmage96:
Mari(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
Darkness shadeing, blush and background were made on Painter 2015 
Sugar's Big Brother-DarkMist by WhiteMageHealer
Sugar's Big Brother-DarkMist
Name: DarkMist

Age:Unknown. He was born late before his elder sister HoneyPunch(Hp) but, eailer then his younger siblings Sugar's.

Info: DarkMist is not the first fairy born of Dark magic instead of earth, light, green or any other out their as his flower came out with thorns to harms those around it and wilted as he was the younger sibling to HoneyPunch. He was rejected by other fairys quickly because of how oddly he looked since hes been the first round of Dark Faries born in awhile where they lived but, he was content and not evil because HoneyPunch was with him and then slowly Sugar was born. He became a doting big brother for her and unlike other younger girls or, kids Sugar was never afraid of him which made him glad as he was very content with his life with both his siblings until things changed and HoneyPunch wasn't their for them as much as before because of her duties as a fairy. Being picked on he could deal with but, it was when Sugar was being bullied that he began to lose himself to the darkness in which created him as he tried many time to get the elder sister to intervene which she did try but, it wasn't enough... Seeing the younger being bullied and he himself a victim of it his mind eventually snapped and he came to the conclusion that the elder sister had abandon them and was no longer part of his life as family. However, he then became extermenly jealousy, territorial and obsessed with his own younger sibling Sugar often making sometime sexual advances on her to keep others away from her which started to scare her and even push her from him though she still loved her older brother... Afraid to lose Sugar to anyone and afraid to see her get any further hurt by those who tormented her he came to one conclusion to help save them in which he kills himself and her to prevent Sugar from leaving his side and to end her misery from all the things others have done to her. The day he try to murder her the elder gets in his way and allows her to escape. Angered by this movement he takes out his rage on her and ends her as active fairy for life but, doesn't kill her as she desotrys his wings to pervent him from being able to have advantage of flying aginst the younger sibling. Unable to finish his act of "Brotherly Protection" he is forced to flee from home where he still looks for the younger sibling...He vows to finish what he started as his mind as long gone and can't be saved... Also, he is mistaken for a Devil half the time because of his apperance.

Base(c) :iconpixelmaster0281:
Darkmist(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
Hair, Wings, Fingers and Marking on DarkMist was all done on Painter 2015.
Sugar's Big Sister-HoneyPunch A.K.A HP by WhiteMageHealer
Sugar's Big Sister-HoneyPunch A.K.A HP
Name: HoneyPunch but, she prefers HP for short.

Age: Unknown. She was born in a flower ahead of Sugar and her younger brother DarkMist.

Info: HoneyPunch was born in the flower that smelled like Honey and she came out a fighter as she punched a Fairy who dared to open her up from her slumber earning her the name "HoneyPunch" as she came way before Sugar or, Darkmist were and was the first among the three of them to start learning the magical abilities of the flower fairies. She was created when a Earth mage learned of their abilities and made their first successful spell revolving around the arts of thus water and forestry thus, creating her. As legend goes most then 99% of all fairys' are created from a type of magic as she was and whenever certain fairies are born from the same mage during their cycles they are given siblings thus, she elder received both DarkMist and then Sugar. At first all the siblings could co-op together peaceful together because they all loved and cared about each other but, this changed when the elder began to be given harder task to tend to leaving the siblings alone as she was unaware at the time that both her siblings were being bullied. DarkMist being bullied because he was born different and oddly then most fariys and Sugar because of her inability to talk. DarkMist was the middle child of the three of them and like HoneyPunch and Sugar he was created by the same mage as them but, the only difference was that the mage had a falling out with the light side and DarkMist was created from Black Magic instead of Earth or, Light making him a Dark Fairy which are dangerous and evil. However, this did not surface until later on when he got tried of the his younger sibling Sugar being bullied. HoneyPunch did her best as the eldest to protect them both from being ridiculed and picked on but, it was' enough and her younger brother snapped getting the craziest of notions in his head. He believed that she had abandon them because she was never their when they turely needed her and that the youngest sibling out of three of them was the only one that cared... With that set in motion his mind broke and he became obsessed with own younger sibling and had the criest notion which frightened the Elder sibling when she found out his intentions. The elder got between them in order to protect the younger sibling Sugar from him which angered him and he attacker her instead as he too things to far by stripping her of her wings, eyes and manning her body with tones of scars though she dose not blame him. She dose not blame Sugar for it though she is aware Sugar blames herself for the older siblings scarify and consistently apologizes when around her though she trys to convince her not too.... From afar the older sibling has always been protecting the younger from their brother though because she is unable to perform her duties as a fairy it causes her to slowly die with each passing century... She leaned of :icongreenmage96: character Scotty from Sugar through various letters sent to her talking about him and the family she currently protects and lives with. Because most of her abilities have been stripped due to the incident with DarkMist her other sense have been heighten such as feeling one has and she already knows Sugar has feelings towards Scotty that are not friendship but, more romantic towards him. HoneyPunch is glad Sugar has fallen for someone but, fears that is thier brother ever finds out will go balistic and hurt Sugar far worse then what he did to her...

HoneyPunch/Hp(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
The outfit was made on Painter2015
Rp Scene-Come Out Little Fairy~... by WhiteMageHealer
Rp Scene-Come Out Little Fairy~...
So now that I am back from work this small doodle of an idea poped into my head along wih one other about what's going on with my friends :icongreenmage96: oc Chester. Since he's yet to be seen or drawn yet I thought it be a nice touch for my friend if I gave her some art of the character but, I had a dream where something interesting was happening... I am not sure why Sugar is alone or, why she is in the siutwastion she is in but, I can tell its not a pretty thing to be in.

What's going on~
*She accidental had bumped into the record player as the loud music blared through the abandon mansion as the little red-haired fairy panicked. What was she going to do?! She couldn't turn it off in time as she flew around it her wings chiming loudly until she stopped when she heard footsteps coming towards the direction of the room. Scared and worried she flew and hide somewhere in the dark as through the cracks of an old wooden box did she see the door slowly open with an eerie creek before a tall man walked in. He was shrouded mostly by the shadows of the room but, she swore his skin wasn't human color...No it looked...Blue like Scotty's was red....Did she walk into a devils home?! She wasn't sure as tears were starting to get behind her eyes as she soon wished she had not let the others especial her owner and family Ari Carrideo no way of locating her or, finding her... The male saw that something had set the record player off and with ease turned it off as silence issued in the room...His eyes which she could not see looked around and she heard the loud sounds of sniffing as he caught wind of her sweet scent...A sickening grin spread across his lips as he spoke. "Is someone here~...? Where are you hiding...~?" He cooed softly the blue hair falling across his face as he noticed the tiniest of footprints in the dust which had not been disturbed in years...Dark things crept into his mind as he began to go closer to the location in which these tiny footprints lead all the while calling out... "Come out, Come out~..." The blue skinned male cooed with a darkness too it as Sugar closed her dark blue eyes in fear...She suddenly wished Scotty was here...She needed him more then ever before as she was to afraid to make any sorts of sounds her wings stopped moving becoming almost frozen as to not let a single chime ring out. "He...Help..." She thought as the man grinned wider his amethyst eyes glowing in the darkness as his smile never wavered... "Come out...FAIRY~..." The moment he called her by what she was her eyes snapped open with tears streaming down her cheeks as she only knew one thing to do as she heard then saw someone lifting up the box she was hiding under... FLY... The moment the box was lifted up enough she bolted from her hiding spot from the fear inside her those wings of her chiming loudly at alarming rates...Fly....And escape...That was the only thing now left within her mind at this moment... Fly... And...Escape...~

Chester(c) :icongreenmage96:
Sugar(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:

Villago's-What Would You Do?

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2015, 2:52 PM

Villago: If I told you I loved you more then a friend...What would you do?

Villago:If I asked you to hug me... Would you?

Villago:If I asked you to be my friend... Would you?

Villago:If we were to create a family togather... Would you want too??

Villago:If I was naive and Innocent... How would you handle it...?

Villago:If I asked you to be my partner... Would you?

Villago:If I asked you to stay with me forever.... Would you...?

Villago: If you were my first....How would you react?

Villago:If I had lost my hope... Would you help me gain it back...?

Villago: If I was afraid...Would you make me feel safe...?

Villago: If I was having nightmares that would awaken me from slumber...Would you try and reassure me...?

Villago: If I was dreaming... Would you be real or, fake...?

Villago: If I was thinking about something serious...Would you ask me what was wrong...?

Villago: If I was lost and no where to be found...Would you come find me...?

Villago: If I asked you if I wanted to have kids with you...What would you say to me...?

Villago: If it was our wedding day and you saw me... What would you think of me...?

Villago:If we were a team... How well would we work together...?

Villago:If I wasn't in danger and needed protection...Would you protect me...?

Villago: If I told you that you were my hero... How would you react...?

Villago: If I told you I was leaving you... Would you try and stop me...?

Villago: If I kissed you... How would you react...?

Villago: If I died... How would you feel...

Villago:If I was someone's slave... What would you do...?

Villago:If I asked you too carry me... Would you do it...?

Villago: If I asked you to dance with me... Would you...?

Hold Me
Villago:If I asked you to hold me close... Would you...?

Hold My Hand
Villago: If I asked you to hold my hand... Would you take it...?

Villago: If tears were falling down my face... How would you fix it...?

Good Morning
Villago: If I said good morning to you... Would you say it back...?

Villago: If we were discussing memories... What would we talk about...?

Villago: If you looked into my eyes... What would you see...?

Villago: If I asked you to go to prom with me...Would you take me...?

The End?
Villago: If it was the end... Would you want to spend it with me...?


Mariah S.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Get my permission by youngguardian Stop-Stamp by Artistic-Demise

Red Letter Day: V by alphabetars :iconrainbow-iplz: L avatar: free use 8DDDD by hearttaco 'L' Icon by Drache-Lehre :iconletteraplz: :iconpurple-gplz:

Iridescence by luisbc

Pro-Arizona stamp by Conservatoons
2p!Germany Stamp by mangakid14
Villago Stamp V1 by KiraHimotoOCs
Villago Stamp v2 by KiraHimotoOCs
Annabelle Willow Stamp by KiraHimotoOCs
Avatar and id was made by :iconask-thecupcakespair:

No art is horrible. Only people who decide to steal and trace over other works is horrible.
Even different we fall in love.


Mariah Fan by Howie62
APH Chibi GerIta Stamp by MismeHellawes
APH Germany x N. Italy Stamp by MismeHellawes
GerIta stamp by Mewsol
Italy is not as stupid as you think - Stamp by Arisu95
GerIta Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Sly Cooper Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Altair Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Ezio (AC Revelations) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
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PB G.Stars - Coloring by Oceannist -Half-Way
PB G.Stars - Inking by Oceannist -Progress
PB G.Stars - Sketching by Oceannist -Started
PB G.Stars - Starting by Oceannist -Unattended

:iconask-thecupcakespair: -This is an ask accoutn that i interact with the most. Thier wonderful to hang around with and you wouldn't know it, but thanks to them is what helped me get started turning this account into an ask account itself! Thhey are wonderful group of pepole! The admin and her wonderful family! Oliver is smart and kind, Pinkie is absolutely wonderful, Alfred has his moments, kiku sometimes can be charming, surprise is just a doll and trickster? You get me to laugh man! I Hope they never go out of style! Thoguht i still think Mari wishes trickster wonldn't bug her so much!!XD
:iconask-mmd-igiko: -Even thoguht we haven't known each other long, i love talking to her! The admin SleepBird is charmign and witty! She's always got something intersting to say on the matter! I love the way she plays of FemEngland and i hope you continuie to do a good job~!
:iconhetailawarsaw: -Even thoguth we don't talk alot, she still very intersting person, the admin and Warsaw herself. I am glad i am getting to you day by day hun!


APH- England Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGal :thumb270842570: Flag: Arizona by TheStampKing 2p Canada Stamp by Katttty920 2p England Stamp by Katttty920

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I have short messy brown hair pretty green eyes' and i'm told i look mostly like a boy even thoguht i'm female. I like boy stuff alot more epsical clothes'. I act like a boy but i still have some femine quiltes i show but not that often. I like meeting pepole and makeing friends' with just about anyone and i don't care who or what they are if your my frined then i'm thier for ya no matter what! I wear guys' clothes mostly. I wear boy shirts', pants'(Mostly jenes') and combat boot+golves' that are either finger less or fully gloved and i'm uesally always' wearing a black jakect around my waist.
:iconwhiterose1plz::iconwhiterose2plz::iconwhiterose3plz::iconrose1plz::iconwhiterose4plz::iconwhiterose5plz::iconwhiterose6plz: :icongrayrose1plz::icongrayrose2plz::icongrayrose3plz::iconrose1plz::icongrayrose4plz::icongrayrose5plz::icongrayrose6plz::iconblackrose-1::iconblackrose-2::iconblackrose-3::iconblackrose-4::iconblackrose-5::iconblackrose-6::iconblackrose-7x:

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Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser MirabellexFate
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Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser ShiroxTakamaru
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Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser MakixAlister
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Fence w/ Roses Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Fence w/ Roses Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Fav RLP with Cannon Charater

Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser ElizabethxMathew

Fence w/ Roses Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Fence w/ Roses Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Fav Crack Pairings

Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser MarixGeorge
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Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser AdminxGeorge…

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