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My passion lies within that of written work and drawn on a piece of paper. Take a look around and wander a bit stranger for their is nothing to fear in this gallery. ~Villago



Art is another form of passion. Let it run wild and bloom with creativity and imagination! ~Villago


Alter-MarixAlter-Greg: Awaken or, Slumbering Kiss~ by WhiteMageHealer
Alter-MarixAlter-Greg: Awaken or, Slumbering Kiss~
So, yeah I have been wanting to do these two for awhile. Talk about the next thing I am addicted to right? Anyway, I like how these two are contrast to their others and I love how the room is such a mix of different colors around the place~! Also, if anyone's noticed their the colors from the characters to make them some interesting mixtures but, i love how it looks like a combination of the two. Also, the clothes Alter-Mari are wearing are her sleep clothes and she usually doesn't take her earrings out when she sleeps. So, cute and Alter-Greg's face is just adorable! I also love it that you can't tell if Alter-Mari is awake or, not so your not sure weather she faking it and stealing a kiss... Or if she is actually asleep and getting one either way it adorable and i love it!! Hope you all like it!

Base(c) :icondarkemerald4578:
Alter-Talia Idea and Alter-Greg(c) :icongreenmage96:
Alter-Mari(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
All the colors and blush were done on Painter 2015.
Revamp: Kitade The Nagini~! by WhiteMageHealer
Revamp: Kitade The Nagini~!
So, I had this character for a long time but, I made her so long ago that it was time I gave her an update. I decided to reuse this character instead of getting rid of her cause I don't like doing that to my oc's so, this is her updated and a certain type of species of Nagini and as for the background I am letting my good friend :icongreenmage96: come up with the background story for her since she is going to be the one to reform her later on since I have already reformed at least three of her oc's so, its only fair. Anyway, I hope you like her guys I worked really hard on her and the red marks on her skin are burn marks that she got from a fire and her right eye is almost completely blind. Their will also be alot of little information about her so, again I hope you like her.


Name: Kitade
Nick Name: Blue Racer
Human Age:19-20
Gender: Female/Nagini
Colors: The upper part of the body is pitch black, while the sides are a striking vibrant color of blue and the under belly a dark maroon color with the head begin an dark orangeish-red color.
Likes:Anything she can hunt and kill within her new home though she trys' not to even hunt anything that looks close to "Humans". She will eat other snakes including her own kind which is actually a very natural thing for her species of Naga/Nagini. Spearing, honorable combat, people who keep their word or, promises. Forest life, childern and family.
Hates: Liers, Cheaters, eating anything close to human(They are often unaware they eat Fairy's because they look like bugs to them), dishonorable fighting, harming children or, innocent people. Dry land scapes and Green Mages.
Hunts: Other snake including its own spices, bugs(Often mistakes Fairy's as insects) and Lizards.
Snake Age: Undetermined/Unknown
Species: Blue Coral Snake
Venomous rate on a scale from 1-10: 10
Venomous Rate: Highly Venomous!
Side effects of Venom:
*After first 7 minutes person will start expressing numbness around the wound or, lip where the Nagini bite.*
*Secondary effect will be difficulty breathing if venom not treated.*
*Causes the body function of the lungs to fail and then to shut down completely.*
Effective on: Humans, Other Naga's/Nagini's, Devils and other creatures.
Living Location currently: Close to the Mountain's and forest where the Chezeil also resides.…
Found Usually in: Southeast Asia.
Type of Dweller: Forest dweller A.K.A forest snake.
Population: Highly populated
Can they see Thermal: Yes. This is a species that can see thermal heat which mean it doesn't always have to relies on actually eyesight to find prey.
Damages to body:
*Kitade right eye was damage by a burned broken piece of wood that fell against her eye causing it to be almost completely blind in that eye which is why it looks as it dose. In the right eye everything looks like a bad blurred water painting to her from that side.*
*Kitade was involved or, caught in a fire a long time ago which is why she has first degree burns on her skin in different spots that are forever permanent.*
Background Info:*Still pending*
Additional info: They grow at the rate of a snake but, age like that of a human.

Base(c) :icondarkemerald4578:
Kitade the Nagini(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
                                         Shatter Me.
                    (Obsessed!Eric M.xMariah S. and slight Edward M.xMariah S.)
                      Warning: The Fallowing story contains the fallowing below! If you are uncomfortable or, have been a victim of one of these then please DON"T read! This contains very harsh themes! READ RESPONSIBLE!!

                                        1.Mind Break

                                          By: Mariah S.

She had no idea what was going to happen today when she ventured out on her way back home from the U.N.Meeting she had attended only moments ago with her friends not to mention family. The brunet haired girl with her trademark purple jacket clinging tightly to her luscious form concealing it as boots gently made very light noises against the stones heading back towards the house she now shared with a new resident Patty Peppermint. Saving her from the war she now lived with her and no longer was an enemy as she was glad to have Patty as a comrade then her enemy though Edward didn’t approve of her being here she convinced him otherwise to let Patty stay. She recalled his proposal to walk her home tonight when the meeting was over and done with as she giggled at his actions able to recapture just how it went.

                                         ~Slight Flashback~

She was gathering the papers in her hands watching as some of the idle chatter was going on between people tonight as they were dispersing. Her schwesterns’ had not came tonight for they were all sick with the flu thanks to Julchen getting drunk with Rizo’s mother and Angel’s wife as they decided that dancing outside in nothing but, their undergarments in cold weather was a wise idea. Sighing she shook her head gently as her brunet locks were falling across soft skin before they were gently pushed aside by someone else as she flushed looking up to gently chocolate eyes which cause her face to flush even more. His smile was cheesy yet, sweet with short black hair and wearing his normal green jacket over his favorite grey short-sleeved t-shirt a little bit of flushed cheeks himself.

“Hey, Mariah! Are you all alone tonight?? Where’s your older sisters Monica, Gloria and Julchen? Ah, wait don’t tell me Julchen got sick again while out with the BTT and this time brought the whole German army down with it?”

Mariah smiled gently at Edward as she gently yet, simply nodded her head as she straightened up the paper work for her schwesterns while he sighed shaking his head.  Mariah giggled at his expression since this wasn’t uncommon for her older schwester to get into some trouble while she went out drinking with her friends after meetings. After all everyone distressed differently some way or another and that was just Julchen way of doing it by being around good friends as she gently cast her lime orbs in Edward direction while he talked to her. Edward had been Mariah’s friend since she meet him in Arizona at her high school where he defended her picture from being torn up by some bullies. It been the first act of kindness she had received in so, long especial from a boy that it had surprised her when Edward asked if they wanted to be best friends Mariah thought he was trying to pull wool over her eyes. However, time had gone by and they became closer and closer with each adventure they went on, each battle shared together as comrades and every waking moment they were together fighting the forces of evil known as Olivia Kirkland.  Mariah sometimes wondered if she and Edward were more than simple friends at this point since they spent so, much of their time around the other a lot though she was afraid what his answer would if it wasn’t “Yes”. Lime orbs looked at the clock noticing how late it had become as she let out a gently gasp as Edward looked down at her noting it and asking if something was wrong.

“Oh, no nothing like super wrong. It’s just so, late and I promised Patty that I would be back home soon to make her something to eat. The poor thing hasn’t been here long and she’s not used to eating normal human food yet. I better head back home right now if I want to make it in time I mean after all I would hate it if Patty decided to eat my couch as price for not feeding her on time.”

I said laughing a bit loudly and yet, gently as Edward started laughing to at the comment I had made about Patty eating the furniture. He spoke saying he would love to see that in reality as this caused us both to fall into utter hysterics as we were rolling on the floor laughing about the image in our heads before he stopped and gently looked at me with a kind concerning smile.

“Hey, um would you mind if I walked you home Mariah…? I mean I know it’s late and all but, it’s probably not safe for such a pretty girl to be wondering around alone you know? After all I…I would feel horrible if something were too happened to my best friend in the whole wide world. So, would it be alright if I escorted you home??”

Mariah flushed hearing those words from him as her heart skipped a beat more than once and she felt her cheeks so, warm that they could probably heat an egg on them. However, she was glad Edward cared so, deeply about her that he wanted to make sure Mariah got home safely though it hurt somewhat that he called her a friend when Mariah felt something a little more than friendship towards him. She gave such a sweet and tender smile at him that Edward face flushed bright red as her gently words declined his offer but, thanked him for being so, considerate to ask her if she desired the company. Mariah told him that she would be fine on her own home and that she could handle herself if something happened as Mariah waved good-bye to Edward before heading off towards back to her place to prepare something to eat for Patty before the little devil ate something in her house.

                                        ~End of flashback~

Walking alone at night she was unaware of the eyes upon her as the burnet was watched by a pair of hungry red eyes from afar who had been fighting back his urges and adoring her from far away for way to long...  He watched Mariah as his black hair covering his left eye blew gently when the wind picked up slightly as he longingly and lustfully looked at the last white mage known in the 1p world… She had a loving yet, gently smile like always on her perfect face as Mariah went about her way on the pathway homeward as she didn’t even catch a glimpse of his purple jacket for if she had seen it Mariah would have known that Eric was beside the trees waiting for her to get close to him before he made his move on her. When he had first meet her it was during the time that Mariah had joined Edward’s side and she became the one who took on the job of delivering the files to their world meetings as a negotiator. At that time Eric had to admit she wasn’t what he expected when Mariah was introduced to them as the 1p worlds new negotiator to try reasoning with them and find some kind of grounds to keep each side from fighting the other. On top of that she was a wielder of white magic which was the opposite of him yet, not unheard since the last one that had been seen was with Olivia Kirkland many years ago according to her but, regardless of that they allowed Mariah to enter as she pleased and often she would converse with him. At first it was simple conversation between them that was shared such as life in general, a movie they saw recently that they might have enjoyed or, even just how the other was but, as the time went on Eric and Mariah were able to find common ground with each other through their personalities. He had been so; happy that he could find common ground with Mariah as Eric began to ever so, gently fall deeper for her and awaited her appearance whenever she brought papers and before long he began to wonder why they couldn’t be something more? After all they saw some things the same despite their different backgrounds so, why couldn’t they make it together as a couple with days where they laugh together, share tender moments like a touch or, affectionate stare and maybe eventually go further than a simple kiss…? When such thoughts had crossed the young man’s mind it had made his heart pound and his body quiver with anticipation as Eric had almost had forgotten the one thing standing in his way… Edward Mendez the official good guy from the 1p world and Mariah’s best friend not just in battle but, also in reality. The two spent every waking moment with another it seemed and Eric hated it since he noticed the way his counterpart was always staring at her with those eyes of his and it was no secret that he too liked her…  Soon this had pushed Eric further into impressing Mariah as well as he would purposely call her from Edward’s side even if it was nothing important as this brought about even more jealousy and greed from his heart since he refused to let Edward take her from him. Eric desire to have her was starting to consume him as Mariah was now right under the trees where he was currently hiding at as he let one his hands’ reach out and grabbed her arm tightly as Eric pulled her into the shadows.  Her lime orbs widen in shock as she started struggling against her captor trying to free herself as their arm wrapped around hers arms sealing them off from being used. Eric wasn’t surprised when Mariah tried to scream for someone’s help nor, when her teeth had sunk into his hand that was currently covering her mouth to make her unknown captor let go as he had his back against the tree while she struggled against him. Eric let her do this for a little while as he gently leaned down and inhaled Mariah’s sweet scent that ghostly traveled across her body like a gently wind creasing human skin. Her scent was like that of some type of sweet smelling flowers and Eric could picture the type they were as they had to be the most purest form of ones growing and the whitest of shades among the flowers like she herself was. Such thoughts had made his desire to claim Mariah as his own woman grew more rapidly the longer she was within his grasp as the lusty longing of pressing his lips to hers began to creep into his ever corrupted mind but, if he didn’t allow Mariah her freedom nor, allow her the privilege of knowing who it was that kept her tightly bound by arms she would continue to fight Eric through it all. So leaning down slowly yet, silently he let his hot breath whisper against her ear in an ever so, gently manner that he trembled in delight seeing Mariah shudder at the contact of hot air against her earlobe as she tried to process who the voice belong to. It took her awhile to realize that the voice belong to someone she knew closely on the 2p side as when it finally hit her who the voice belong to Mariah began to relax knowing that the person holding her was not threatening in the least or, so she thought completely unaware of his intents let alone the aftermath of what would become of her if she happened to deny Eric’s feelings. When he saw Mariah’s body relax he knew that she had figured out who was holding onto her in such a manner as a gently smile crossed Eric’s lips as he leaned back down to whisper once more in her ears like a whisper among them.

“Have you calmed down enough Mariah…? It’s just me Eric I mean you certainly remember me from all the times you visited the 2p world on your delivers and the conversations we’ve had right…? I’m sorry if I gave you quite the scare I simple only wished to talk with you and perhaps just wanted to come by and say “Hello”…  So will you please not scream at me when I remove my hand from your mouth alright? I mean we don’t need another misunderstanding to happen again in one night am I right so, pretty please don’t attack or scream when I remove my hand alright?”

Eric then gently removed his hand from around Mariah’s soft lips as her starved voice sucked in a deep breath of fresh air into her awaiting lungs all the while his maroon orbs watched the way her body moved in such a seductive manner even if she wasn’t trying to. He started trembling as Eric could almost feel the way her body moved against his all the while with her back in his arms as they rest upon her hips with their lips pressed in a kiss of passion and lust so, hot that it would create fog against glass if they were near it. Unaware of what he was doing physically Eric started licking his lips hungrily those maroon orbs of his glowing brightly in desire as soon he would have what he wanted most in his grasp which was the very woman who stood before him. When Mariah had gotten air into her lungs as only then did she turn around to look at him directly as those lime orbs of hers were surprised to see him in her world but, regardless was glad to see a friend before passing an angelica smile in his direction. Even such a small thing like that wanted to make Eric pounce upon her and tare clothing off till there was nothing but, bare flawless skin to caress as he resisted the urge to do so, reminding himself that the girl before him would soon be his alone. Mariah gently strolled over to him as she hadn’t expected him and was a bit perplexed by his being her as she tilted her head cutely her sense warning her to run since something was off but,  refused not listening to them as she believed Eric to be one of the few nicest guys in the world.

“Eric! It’s absolutely wonderful to see you again! I mean I haven’t seen you since the last time I visited your world but, I’m always glad to see you hehe! Oh, boy though you scared me half to death with that sudden grabbing me in the dark of the night stuff and holding my mouth closed so, I couldn’t scream! I mean I thought for a moment that there was going to be trouble and I have to use my powers to escape but, I am so glad it turned out to be you instead of someone else. Please don’t do that to me ever again I was very tempted to hit you in the face to try and escape because I had no idea it was you!”

Her laugh was gently like that of a perfect peaceful day in the sunlight that one partook with loved ones as he smiled tenderly at her his maroon eyes unconsciously looking her up and down as he began wondering about something…  Eric began to wonder what Mariah truly looked like under that trade mark purple jacket she always wore each and every day when she went out going where ever she pleased as dirty things began to creep into his mind… He saw his hands move along exposed skin, lips parted with hot breath with the warm liquid slathered across them awaiting for another pair to pressed and then the main prize… After all her jacket did hide so, much of that cursive body behind it and because Mariah hardly ever took it off it was no wonder Eric’s curious mind was thinking just how good looking she was under it… Thought she could not see his intentions they could be felt thanks to her magic and yet, Mariah choose to ignore the instincts’ that were telling her to run away from him as fast as her legs could carry her without stopping. When she looked down Mariah had almost forgotten that earlier when she had no idea it was Eric holding her that she had bitten his hand pretty hard in an attempt to free herself from his grasp. She frowned at this as she looked back into those maroon orbs gently with her lime ones before speaking in a kind yet, gentle manner.

“Eric that bite mark I gave you when I was startled must be hurting you pretty badly…I would have never bitten you if I had known it was you that was holding me like that… I mean after all we are such good friends and it’s not right of me to act as if nothing happened tonight between us. Allow me to heal your wounds for you after all it’s the least I could do for someone as caring and kind as yourself. After all we have to stick together right?”

Eric began to trembled when Mariah looked at the bite-mark she left on his hand as her nimbly fingers traced along his hand in such a tender motion as both hands were on his one as they began to glow white and heal the mark within minutes. She began to apologize once more to him as her hands kept on glowing white for a few minutes as the bite marks on his hand was slowly fading until they were finally gone as Mariah stopped as she pulled them back telling Eric that it was all better now as he couldn’t take it anymore. He had to say something now; he had to make her see his feelings and most of all she had to be his alone before anyone took her from him.

“M-Mariah I didn’t just come here to have a simple chat with you like s-so, many times before though I do enjoy when we’re talking… However I came here because I had something very important I wanted to tell you… I-I have waited so, l-long to have you alone Mariah because I can tell you without Edward being here to ruin it for me…”

Mariah looked at Eric confused as he grabbed her hands tightly in his as she was yanked to him much to her surprise as she let an ever so, gentle gasp that came from her lips much to his delight as those lime orbs looked into his maroon ones. He smiled at her as he started leaning his head in as he whispered the words he wanted to tell her for so, long and ones that she herself wasn’t prepared for. The words that came from the male’s mouth startled the brunet as he whispered in her ear “I love you Mariah” as Eric’s lips hovered over those tender lips they sought for so, long as before they could be planted on them Mariah’s face turned a burning shade of red and jerked her head from his kiss as they gently pressed to her neck. She let out a mewl of surprise but, that was it as he noticed that she had pulled her head from his kiss and Eric pulled away only to look to see the confused expression on her cute angelic face. He wondered why she had pulled from it as he smiled at her once more, and for a second time tried to kiss her lips; consequently thought Mariah had pushed her hands against his chest this time as her back bent back a tiny bit as his lips once more didn’t touch hers. Eric’s eye twitched in annoyance at her acts to keep them apart from their destined kiss as he couldn’t help letting an almost low growl escape his lips while his maroon eyes looked sternly at Mariah’s lime ones causing her to shudder.

“Mariah…Why do you keep trying to prevent me from kissing you and expressing my love…? I know you feel the same way as I do for you so, let’s not deny faith any longer and become something more than this simple friendship we’ve been calling it. I love you and I want to spend my life with you…”

His voice had became soft once more along with his eyes as he truly meant his words and surely believed she was in love with him like he was with her. Mariah’s lime orbs had widen as she looked at him in even more confusion and statement as her mind couldn’t process at first what Eric had just told her until it wrapped around her head before finally hitting her like a ton of rocks. Had she given him indications that she was in love with Eric during the many times they had spoken or spent time with the other? Is that why he was saying such things to her, trying to move past a boundary far beyond their friendship and acting this way because she had made it seem like they could be something much more?? Her eyes soften as she let her hands gently be placed on his face as Eric seemed to like the response of her gently touch nuzzling into it and Mariah felt guilt eating away at her stomach for making him think she was in love with him.

“Eric… You’re a wonderful young man and any girl in this world or the 2p one would love to be with your gently heart… But Eric I never meant to give you the indications that I was in love with you from all the time we have spent together… You’re a wonderful guy and have been a great friend to me since I have taken to coming to your world which means a lot to me but, I don’t have any romantic feelings for you… I’m so, sorry if I gave you any wrong impressions about falling in love with you Eric but, I’m acutely in love with Edward…”

There was silence between them as he said nothing to her at first as she wondered if he had understood the words that had came out of her mouth as Mariah started to gently pull from Eric’s grip only to receive a harsh pull back and a gasp from her. Stern and angered maroon eyes looked into lime ones as she shuddered at such a look Eric was giving her as Mariah winced as his grip on her waist was so, hard it that it became painful as she let out a whimper to single he was hurting her. Eric wasn’t purposely trying to harm Mariah after all he had deep feelings for her but, he was anger that she had chosen Edward over him after all the time they had spent together! Why did he always get the best things in life including Mariah when Eric felt that he was always with her more than his 1p ever was yet, she wanted to be with him more than she did with him! The poor guy couldn’t stand it as his face was in hers and those eyes betrayed the insanity and obsession behind them to her lime orbs as he spoke to her.

“Why, do you want to be with him instead of me?! I can be just as good as Edward can, I can be just as loving for a man like he can be, I can give you pleasure just like he can, I can be anything you desire of me just like he can, I can do everything he can yet, even more so then that stupid, idiotic moron ever could! Mariah I am the best one for you and I can love you like no other man on this world can by showing you just what my heart is willing to do for you! Y-You…You’re my girl! You’re not that bastard Edward’s girl ok, you’re going to be my girl and there’s nothing you can do to change that fact! One way or, another were going to be one just you and I! We’re going to be together in this life, the afterlife and the next!! Forever and ever Mariah! You, and I!”

Mariah’s eyes were so, wide and she was absolutely terrified at the way Eric was now acting as the sweet personality that she was so, accustomed to seeing wasn’t their anymore and instead was replaced with this psychopathic man who was obsessed with her. The brunet tried to struggled from the raven haired male’s grip which sadly did nothing as he forced her head to come towards him as lips slammed onto hers’ trying to coax them by force to open up so, his tongue could explore her sweet forbidden cavern; consequently, thought Mariah refused to open her mouth letting out muffled screams. Eric didn’t want to get rough with her as he wanted to be very passionate towards his beloved meek little white mage but, she refused to cooperate with him as anger was blinding him from being gently with her. She was frightened and panicking because of what was going on around her as before long the burnet managed to pull from his grasp as all Mariah’s heard was Eric’s voice screaming her name to come back so, that this could be worked out claiming that he loved her as she tried to escape him. The poor white mage had no idea what was going on and why that person she had thought was her friend was now trying to force things upon her she didn’t wish but, all the brunet knew was she had to find someplace far away from the raven haired male who chased after her with her own name upon his lips. Leafs crunched while twigs snapped as shoes slammed down on them with ferocity to escape that which was pursuing them as the poor girl heart was racing so, fast within her body that she thought that it would leap out and it too run from her in this pursuit of escape. Lungs’ burned from all the time spent trying to flee from the raven haired male who Mariah wasn’t sure was even still behind her after all this time as daring to she took a chance and looked back to see if he was still chasing behind her. This was the white mage’s undoing as she tripped over the branches and went tumbling down with a loud scream her body slamming hard into the dirty hilltop going faster, faster, faster downwards until she hit her head against something rendering her unable to gain consciousness back for a while. Feet gently approached as they stopped in front of the brunet who lay upon the cold earth as Eric eyes glowed red in the darkness as he snaked his arms around her body lifting it upward as he smiled feeling at how light as a feather she was like… The raven haired male could feel her soft skin brush against his own sending chills of excitement down his spin as he had the woman he desired in his arms as those school boy shoes of his began to take him back as he spoke to her.

“Don’t worry my beautiful white mage…I’ll take good care of you…I’ll show you how much I adore you…How much I love you… By the time I consume you in all my love…You’ll never want to leave me…You’ll always think of me… You’ll always see me… And whenever you are with Edward the only face you will ever see won’t be his… It will be mine… Mariah… I’m going to show you with all my heart… That you’re my girl…Forever and always…”

These words would come true in the darkness way possible as once Eric was finished with Mariah she would be unable to turn back onto the pathway of the light as he left the world of the 1p leaving no trace that he even been there or, taken her with him…Time passed gently for the most part as she groaned softly turning on her side to feel the soft covers of a bed under her body as those lime orbs began to open softly the vision around somewhat blurry at first until they could see clearly where they were…It was a bedroom of some sort as the white mage blinked her tried eyes before sitting up fast with a somewhat frightened expression on her pretty face as Mariah had no idea where she was or, even if she was still close to her own world at this point. Gently he crawled towards her as Eric had stripped himself of his pink scarf and his purple colored jacket a while ago while upon waiting for her to awaken from her peaceful yet, cute slumber as he spoke gently in her ear as his hot breath washed across her skin.

“My beautiful white mage Mariah…You’re awake…I’m so, glad to see that you’re up now… I am so, sorry that I got violent back there with you my precious little meek mage… I just got so, upset when you accidently told me you loved Edward instead because after all we both know you’re in love with me alone right…? And if you’re not you soon will be because I am going to show you how much more I can love you then he could ever love you… By the time I am done showing you my beautiful little white mage how much I adore you and everything about you… Mariah, you’ll never want to go back to him again…”

She turned her head to look at those glowing maroon orbs of his as Mariah fell backwards and tried to crawl away from him but, found her body not wishing to move a whole lot from where she was at. Eric smiled at her beautiful face as he reached out gently rubbing his hand against her smooth cheek adoring the smooth texture of it as she slapped his hand away from her in fear as she let out the cutest whimper ever heard. His tanned body shuddered hearing such a sweet noise from her as he grabbed one of her arms and pulled the trembling brunet to him as her back was facing his chest as Eric let his hand slide downward towards the front of her pants where Mariah’s womanhood would be. With gently but, firm stroke he began to dive his hand past the waistline of them while his hands rubbed the fabric where this forbidden ground was as lime orbs widen at the contact against her body.

“M-Mariah…T-This is your most s-sacred part right…? This place where I am touching right now is the part that you have been saving for so, long because you want the right man to take you right…?  Y-You won’t have to wait much longer b-because soon I-I will make us one t-together… G-God, j-just touching it feels wonderful my cute little meek angel…I-I can’t wait to feel the rest o-of you…~!”

Eric’s finger began to move even harder against her panties as she gripped onto his forearm letting out a somewhat surprised gasp combined with a moan as she was resisting the best she could against this assault on her body. Mariah had been touched before in inappropriate ways before by certain members of the 2p world but, they never had gone this far let along got that far with the help of her friends and family protecting her from these sorts of things. The white mage knew she had to get away from the black mage before things got to out of hand and though she didn’t want to harm him the brunet saw no other choice as she forced herself from his grasp and turned around to face him her fist clenched tightly. However, like her he was also very influenced by magic just a darker set as the person behind her was not Eric but, Edward which whom took the form of as in in her head she knew it was him… However, her feelings for Edward blinded her judgment a bit as she was lowering her fist down a bit with sadden eyes and a look of longing…

“See?? Despite hating this form I can take it easily for you Mariah… I can be anyone, anything and can please you anyway you can desire so, much more than my 1p can…Wouldn’t it be better to accept this all my darling little white mage… To let go and just accept that I am the better of the two and be mine instead of anyone else’s….? Come my dear sweet little white mage….Relax and accept…”

Eric used Edward form to lower Mariah’s guard down as he gently placed his hand over her still somewhat raised fist and began to lean in closely their lips dangerously apart as he hungrily awaited to kiss those tender lips once more as it seemed she was falling for it. However, when he got closer he noticed the quick movement of her head and jerked back a bit barely missing the white mage’s teeth that aimed to hurt him as Eric quickly pushed Mariah onto her stomach when she missed him making sure to keep a firm hand on her wrist as she struggled around under his grasp.

“E-Eric please, let me go!! Eric this isn’t right what you’re doing to me! Please, Eric I need to get home to my friends and family! Patty must be so, worried about me and schwesterns must think I have been kidnapped!! Please, I am begging you to release me Eric!”

Her words fell on deaf ears though as he had no intentions of allowing the brunet to leave his side as his eyes wandered the body of this girl he adored so, much as his desire was at its peak now…Eric didn’t want to wait any longer for what he desired as he moved to straddled her hips as this startled her as lime orbs looked to see what he was doing as she saw the raven haired male pulling his shirt off and tossing it aside somewhere on the floor as a whimper crossed her lips again. He felt the white mage struggling her body twisting and turning ever so, slightly causing him to get even furthered aroused by what he was feeling as he growled deep in his throat as he leaned down next to her ear to speak.

“Mariah the way your moving your body right now baby…Do you want me that much~…? You don’t have to worry things are about to get real good now my sweet little angel~… Leave everything to me~…”

Before she could reply to his words she felt his hands slide up her side causing her to squeak loudly as he gripped the hem of her jeans and yanked them downward off her body as lime orbs widen. Her hands darted back trying to grab hold of her pants but, Eric was faster than Mariah was and easily tossed them off to the side revealing her bare legs with light blue panties she was adorning under her clothes. She flushed a bright red seeing that the raven haired male removed them as the brunet turned onto her back to face him with such a flustered expression as the white mage tried to beg him to stop this but, he placed his hand on the back of her head and forced their lips together. Firm strong ones forced meek yet, soft ones to open as her lime orbs widen once more as his tongue finally invaded her mouth exploring every little crack and crevice it could find within her sweet cavern as Mariah’s muffled screaming came from their mashed lips. Pushing her hands against his chest she tried to get away but, he growled in irritation at this grabbing hold of her shirt with both his hands and yanking it with brute force the thin material tore in half easily as her jacket had been discarded long before she had awoken from her slumber as the white and light blue bra had been torn off also in the process. Every time Mariah tried to scream for help Eric kissed her even deeper as her bare chest was now pressed to his as saliva dribbled down their chins from the intense kiss which at points left her suffocating for more air to breathe in. The raven haired male growled deeply as one hand kept her firmly in place against him while his other slipped down trailing a light feather like touch against her stomach which caused her to shudder as it went lower, lower, lower until finally reaching the desired spot where her womanhood lay. His hand darted past the undergarment as his finger began to rub the sensitive unclaimed territory as he pulled back allowing her to breath as his finger rubbed against her quivering lower region as she still tried with all her might to push him away from her.


To Be Continued...
Shatter me: Part one
So, yeah I have been working on this for awhile and I meant to have this up three days ago but, I kept getting distracted by stuff to actually get it done. However, I got my lazy butt into motion and finished it up already and now am posting it up right now and will be posting the other half soon since it seems its still to long for what it needs to be but, I am glad I got this done for my friend :icongreenmage96: since I know she has been dieing to read this since i first set out the preview awhile back. Anyway on a side note I got some helpful advise from my good friend :iconyoungguardian: who gave me some ideas on how I could make this as dark as possible and even though this is only the first half of it I want to make this clear that this is a story. I don't support people who do these "ACTUALLY" thing in Real Life at all.This is just a story on how I believe it would play out with a few added things into it. Also, this was a Dark gift story for my good friend :icongreenmage96: cause I thought she would like something that might not be so, happy go lucky and all. However, if she wants me to take this down alter on I will. For now I will only post the first half and then maybe later on the secondary part. We will see what happens. Anyway enjoy!

Edward, Patty, and Eric(c) :icongreenmage96:
Hetalia and Nyotalia cast(c) :iconhetaliaplz:
Mariah(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
C.C's Flying Disk by WhiteMageHealer
C.C's Flying Disk
So, As i mentioned awhile back(Or if I haven't I will say it now) C.c is very different compared to other devils for various reason being his personality as he actually doesn't enjoy the typical things devils do in to humans and each other. He rather not fight and create things with his owns hands such as this invention that helps him fly around with his magic since C.C has "NO" wings what's so, ever. He uses the technology he makes to help him get where he needs to be as this was the first invention he ever made though the markings on the front of the disk including the one he got from his previous master/friend is also on it. C.C doesn't recall ever placing this markings on his disk when he died so, he assumed they came onto his disk once he died from his powers to make defensive out of it and then added Giovanni's mark later on in memory of his dear close friend.  Anyway, just wanted to show everyone what C.C used to get around since he has no wings. Enjoy!

C.C's disk(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
Adopted Dress: Sugar's Older Dress Outfit by WhiteMageHealer
Adopted Dress: Sugar's Older Dress Outfit
So, this is my first time adopted a dress from anyone but, I REALLY like the dresses and outfits :iconfandom-oc-queen: and this was one I wanted when I saw it was up for grabs. I like the color pallet even though pink is not my favorite color I thought it would be a good color change for the oc that was going to wear it. Also, I DIDN'T MAKE THIS! I JUST ADOPTED IT! THIS WAS MADE BY THE TALENTED :iconfandom-oc-queen: ! All credit for making this amazing outfit goes to her not me! I just adopted it from her! Also, check out her gallery sometime to see the awesome artwork and "Fandom Families" she has created! They are amazing! Anyway, hope you all like this I will probably do this one along with Sugar's other outfits though she won't have nearly as many as Ari, Mari and Mariah will lol. Anyway enjoy!

Adopted from and made by(c) :iconfandom-oc-queen:
Now owned by(c) :iconwhitemagehealer:
So, I have a few collabs and Memes that I noticed have never been used or, anything...I was wondering if someone would like to collab or, one of the memes on these? It doesn't have to be for the same fandom or, anything I just kinda hate seeing that no one's collabed with them or, are blankXD You can ignore this if you like but, I figured I ask you guys in case one of you was interested.

Zarah Couple Collab-If This Is Love Kiss Me... by WhiteMageHealer
Mari Couple Collab-Win The Heart Of A Princess~... by WhiteMageHealer
Alter-Mariah Couple Collab-To Save A Life... by WhiteMageHealer
Collab-The Killer, Lonely, Royal and Curious~... by WhiteMageHealer
Naru-Talia Collab-Got You Now Mariah~... by WhiteMageHealer
Villago's Admin Friend Meme~! by WhiteMageHealerVillago's Vampire Oc Meme! by WhiteMageHealerVillago's Oc Meme~! by WhiteMageHealerVillago's Video Game Meme~! by WhiteMageHealer


Mariah S.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Get my permission by youngguardian Stop-Stamp by Artistic-Demise

Red Letter Day: V by alphabetars :iconrainbow-iplz: L avatar: free use 8DDDD by hearttaco 'L' Icon by Drache-Lehre :iconletteraplz: :iconpurple-gplz:

Iridescence by luisbc

Pro-Arizona stamp by Conservatoons
2p!Germany Stamp by mangakid14
Villago Stamp V1 by KiraHimotoOCs
Villago Stamp v2 by KiraHimotoOCs
Annabelle Willow Stamp by KiraHimotoOCs
Avatar and id was made by :iconask-thecupcakespair:

No art is horrible. Only people who decide to steal and trace over other works is horrible.
Even different we fall in love.


Mariah Fan by Howie62
APH Chibi GerIta Stamp by MismeHellawes
APH Germany x N. Italy Stamp by MismeHellawes
GerIta stamp by Mewsol
Italy is not as stupid as you think - Stamp by Arisu95
GerIta Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Sly Cooper Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Altair Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Ezio (AC Revelations) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Ezio Auditore Fan Button (Requested) by Super-Hedgehog
Connor Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Darksiders Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist -Finished
PB G.Stars - Shading by Oceannist -Almost finished
PB G.Stars - Coloring by Oceannist -Half-Way
PB G.Stars - Inking by Oceannist -Progress
PB G.Stars - Sketching by Oceannist -Started
PB G.Stars - Starting by Oceannist -Unattended

:iconask-thecupcakespair: -This is an ask accoutn that i interact with the most. Thier wonderful to hang around with and you wouldn't know it, but thanks to them is what helped me get started turning this account into an ask account itself! Thhey are wonderful group of pepole! The admin and her wonderful family! Oliver is smart and kind, Pinkie is absolutely wonderful, Alfred has his moments, kiku sometimes can be charming, surprise is just a doll and trickster? You get me to laugh man! I Hope they never go out of style! Thoguht i still think Mari wishes trickster wonldn't bug her so much!!XD
:iconask-mmd-igiko: -Even thoguht we haven't known each other long, i love talking to her! The admin SleepBird is charmign and witty! She's always got something intersting to say on the matter! I love the way she plays of FemEngland and i hope you continuie to do a good job~!
:iconhetailawarsaw: -Even thoguth we don't talk alot, she still very intersting person, the admin and Warsaw herself. I am glad i am getting to you day by day hun!


APH- England Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGal :thumb270842570: Flag: Arizona by TheStampKing 2p Canada Stamp by Katttty920 2p England Stamp by Katttty920

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I have short messy brown hair pretty green eyes' and i'm told i look mostly like a boy even thoguht i'm female. I like boy stuff alot more epsical clothes'. I act like a boy but i still have some femine quiltes i show but not that often. I like meeting pepole and makeing friends' with just about anyone and i don't care who or what they are if your my frined then i'm thier for ya no matter what! I wear guys' clothes mostly. I wear boy shirts', pants'(Mostly jenes') and combat boot+golves' that are either finger less or fully gloved and i'm uesally always' wearing a black jakect around my waist.
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Fav OcxOc Pairings

Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser MirabellexFate
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser TekeshixCrystel
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser ShiroxTakamaru
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser ZoraxTeovan
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser MakixAlister
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser YaiyoxLuke
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser MiyukixDante
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser RaibaisanxShepered
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser CasaxArirheart
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser KataraxAlexander
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser ArixKristen
Red Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser GaiaxYisgemer

Fence w/ Roses Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Fence w/ Roses Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Fav RLP with Cannon Charater

Blue Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser ElizabethxMathew

Fence w/ Roses Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Fence w/ Roses Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Fav Crack Pairings

Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser MarixGeorge
Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser ArixGeorge
Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser ArixGreg
Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser MarixGreg
Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser ArixScotty
Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser MarixScotty
Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser AdminxScotty
Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser AdminxGreg
Green Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser AdminxGeorge…

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